We Only Practice In Disability Law

At Francis & Craig PSC, we only practice in Social Security Disability law. Over our long history, we have successfully handled thousands of cases throughout western Kentucky. As a result of this experience, we know how to efficiently and effectively guide cases from start to finish.

We can help clients looking for Social Security Disability representation. We can also help those with Social Security Disability appeals. Having good representation from the beginning is very beneficial, but after a denial it is even more important for you to get legal counsel.

Experienced attorneys can help you get the benefits you deserve. The system is designed to make it challenging to receive benefits and encourages people to drop their pursuit of claims. Don't give up on your benefits without at least meeting with a lawyer first to discuss your case. We're here to answer all your questions.

Social Security Insurance (SSI) And Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

There are two federal programs under which you may qualify for benefits — SSI and SSDI. We can help you determine which program you qualify for and which is correct for your circumstances.

Knowing the correct program to apply for is only one step in the process. The next steps include filling out the correct forms and following the right procedures in order to maximize your chances of success. Because we've handled thousands of these cases, we can help you navigate the difficulties often encountered in this area of law.

If you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits, we help you appeal the decision. It is common for a claim to be denied right away. We take on the Social Security Administration for you — gathering relevant information and working with your doctors and health providers.

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