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We see this happen so many times.

Someone – we will call her Dara — has worked for twenty-plus years and suddenly unable to work any longer, due to lung disease. She has paid into Social Security all that time. There is no question that her disability is genuine. Her doctor vouched for her disability. She applies to the insurance program. Her claim is denied.

Is this the way a program funded by workers should work?

Many people are convinced that Social Security has a policy of denying benefits the first time a person files a claim. They feel this way because they are in pain, and they want an explanation to make the denial easier to accept.

Actually, Social Security approves claims by first-time applicants about a third of the time. So approval is not impossible. You must ask yourself, What did I do wrong? What can I do differently? Or should I just give up?

Last question first

No, you mustn’t give up. We understand that you feel that way, but trust us – people do succeed at obtaining the benefits they deserve. But it may require a rethinking of your claim.

The truth is, while two-thirds of first-time claims are denied, more than two-thirds of people who reach the hearing level are awarded their rightful benefits.

What puts claims in the winner’s circle? In about 90 percent of cases, it’s having a competent, passionate representative working with them. At Francis & Craig PSC, we work with applicants at any stage of applying, including first-timers.

They wanted a different level of information

Chances are, you thought the information you provided was honest and persuasive – but Social Security wanted to hear something else, or get to a deeper level of information, so they can really understand the seriousness of your predicament.

Unless you work with someone who understands what the SSA needs to hear, you are likely to repeat the same mistake you made the first time.

A history of helping

Our commitment to empowering the disabled goes back to the beginning. The firm was founded by Robert Francis, who helped many hundreds of people like you to enjoy the dignity and security provided by the SSD program.

Attorney Nate Craig’s father was also a disability lawyer. The desire to make the system work is in our blood. Disability law is all we do.

We can help you obtain the benefits you have coming to you.