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Working With You To Appeal A Disability Denial

It is common for a Social Security Disability claim to be denied at first. The system is designed to make the process difficult. If you had your SSD denied, you should not give up. We can help you appeal the denial decision and get you the results you need.

You May Not Think So, But You Need An Attorney

Most people don’t hire an attorney to help them with their application. This is because they fill out the application online or in person in a Social Security office. It seems straightforward enough. But again, the vast majority of claims get denied.

The reasons for denials vary, but often the denial is because the Social Security office doesn’t find that the applicant meets the medical requirements and qualifications. This prompts the appeal.

A lawyer can help in the disability reconsideration by gathering the correct medical information. If you do this on your own, the Social Security office gathers the medical information and they don’t do a very good job of it at all. At Francis & Craig PSC, we are very thorough in our pursuit of this information because it is critical to your disability case.

Appeals Are Often Successful

The initial denials are made at an administrative level by Social Security Administration staff — not a judge. The staff members are not judges and they are not medical professionals. When the appeal gets to the judge, they are in a better position to carefully weigh the medical evidence and correctly apply the law. An experienced lawyer can prepare this information appropriately and persuasively in order to increase your likelihood of success.

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